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Novel tools for exposure assessment of food contaminants by saliva multiple biomarker monitoring

Important information


The novelty of SALIVA+ relies on building a new paradigm in food contaminants exposure assessment to: i) offer to regulatory agencies and scientific community a reliable and non-invasive tool capable of assessing with precision humans’ exposure to a wide range of dietary contaminants; ii) deliver a multiorgan in vitro model to predict salivary:plasma distribution for other contaminants. The successful outcomes of this project will open the door to a different approach of risk assessment offering non-invasive measurements of well-known and emerging contaminants that will facilitate and hopefully increase the number of HBM studies worldwide.


Total FCT: 249.721,32 €

REQUIMTE: 196.596,32 €

FFUP: 53.125,00 €

Participating institutions


Task 1: Project coordination, management, and dissemination

Task 2: Data collection: saliva, blood and food questionnaires

Task 3: Development of reliable methods to identify/quantify food contaminants in saliva and blood

Task 4: Modeling external exposure (diet) from blood and saliva HBM approach

Task 5: Creation and optimization of an in vitro model that simulates absorption/liver metabolism and saliva transport

research team

principal investigator

Isabel Maria Pinto Leite Viegas Oliveira Ferreira - PI

Olga Viegas - Co-PI

team members

Agostinho Almiro de Almeida
Alice Santos Silva
Armindo Jorge Alves de Melo
Edgar Pinto
José de Oliveira Fernandes
Mafalda Inês Ferreira Ribeiro
Marta Sofia Dores da Silva
Miguel Ângelo de Faria
Rebeca Cruz
Sara Cristina Cunha
Susana Isabel Casal
Zita Emanuela Martins
Antonia Garrido Frenich
Roberto Romero Gonzáles